Divorce Impacts Health Care Decisions for Kids


You don't want him to take vitamins; but your ex does.

When a child's parents are together, it's easy to take little every day health care decisions for granted. But when parents get divorced or live apart, deciding on the smallest things--like if Johnny should take vitamins or who pays for doctor co-pays, can cause a lot of grief.


According to a recent WashingtonPost.com story, "Experts say that with legal questions of child custody focused on safety, visitation schedules and child support, how to handle health care for children without serious medical problems often becomes a lower priority on the long list of issues to settle -- if it comes up at all."

As if divorced or single parents need another stressful thing to think about, some states actually require parenting plans that can be as detailed as how often a child is supposed to brush his teeth! Experts add that the biggest contributing factor to successful coordination between separated parents is the quality of their co-parenting relationship. Of course, everyone knows this common sense bit, but sometimes co-parenting is easier said than done.

Do you and your ex battle over health care decisions or anything else related to your child?

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