Columbine Anniversary: 10 Years Later

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When you really think about it, high school life can be described as "Before Columbine" and "After Columbine." On April 20, 1999, when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris charged Colorado's Columbine High School murdering 12 students and a teacher in cold blood--and then themselves--everything in America changed.


The Huffington Post writes that, "The first officers on the scene had never trained for what they found at Columbine High School: No hostages. No demands. Just killing." explained that "for an entire generation, April 20 is synonymous with one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history."

The power of Columbine was such that school and workplace shootings have actually escalated, but the pure shock of the event which happened 10 years ago and first ended the age of (relative) high school innocence can't be matched. Just as those of us who were high schoolers BC (Before Columbine) never even thought about the possibility of being shot at school, anyone who attended high school after AC, ultimately learned to live with the random possibility. After Columbine, it was clear that we had become a different nation.

Moms all over CM are buzzing about this tragic anniversary. stvmen88 says in the "G" Rated Moms in an "R" Rated World group, "What a horrible tragedy it was, and it's still sad to think about. Hard to believe 10 years have already passed. I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about it. I was working for AC Nielsen market research,and I was in a store I'd done an inventory on, sitting in their deli, working on their invoices, when I heard it on the news. I would like to say that 10 years later the schools are safer, but unfortunately, I think the opposite is true."

What do you think? Now that many high schools have metal detectors and increased security, are they any safer than 10 years ago? Were you a high schooler before or after Columbine?


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