How to make brushing teeth a very rewarding experience

The following is a guest post from Listerine Kids :

My first grader came home the other day so excited to show me a brand new pencil, with sparkly stars on it that he got at school. He told me that it was a reward for keeping his desk clean all week. Coincidentally we’d been having some cleaning issues of our own at home, as in, teaching him to do a good job brushing his teeth. That’s when I had an “a-ha” moment! Kids love rewards!

I realized that if doing a thorough job brushing his teeth led to a small prize he’d approach it a lot more enthusiastically. At least that was my theory. So here’s how it went:


In order to create excitement around brushing his teeth—I know, sounds impossible right?—I made up a chart, bought some stickers and we hung it in the bathroom next to the sink. I also bought a free standing mirror so that he could watch himself while he brushed (it’ll be a few years before he can use the mirror above the sink). But the best part of my plan was that I bought Listerine® Agent Cool Blue®—a tinting rinse that’s designed to help kids learn how to brush better.

First he rinsed his mouth with the bright blue liquid and then I had him smile into the mirror. His teeth were tinted blue, which he thought was awesome. Then I gave him his toothbrush and toothpaste and had him brush his teeth. I told him he needed to get all the blue off in order to get a sticker for that day.

Agent Cool Blue® made it easy to see how well he was brushing and, for the first time ever, he actually had fun doing it!

After filling his “I Beat The Blue” chart for one week I let him reach into a grab bag that had fun little prizes—rubber balls, spinning tops, plastic animals—and pick out his reward. Oh, and knowing that he’s actually learning to brush his teeth better, well, I guess that’s mine.

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