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Whether your tween or teen is one of those kids who could care less about the environment or just the opposite, an eco-friendly child ready to do her part, there is a book you should grab for her. Why? Because without education--and real world tools--the whole idea of becoming green can feel totally overwhelming. I know it is for many adults, so why wouldn't kids feel the same way?


Author of The Green Teen, Jenn Savage makes a great point when she says, "Today's teenagers are standing at the crossroads of environmental history. Global warming will fundamentally change the world as they know it within their lifetime."

On that note, I think the more information a teen gets, the less likely they will throw their hands up in frustration. In The Green Teen, there are easy tips, interviews with real-life green teens, and ideas for organizing for environmental change--just enough empowering for your teen to feel like change is happening with them--not to them.


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