Star Wars Fanatics

star wras

This must be a 5-year-old boy thing because my son's kindergarten friends are heavy into Star Wars too. My son would be also I suppose, but I don't indulge the Star Wars fanaticism only because he has so many other hobbies right now. Anyway, if your kid was ever into Star Wars, you've got to read this post by llmom1921. HILARIOUS!


She writes:

My 5-year-old son has turned into a Star Wars geek!! He loves everything about it. All the movies, the cartoon, the action figures, his favorite Star Wars underpants, the Lego's video game...But, tonight I found out how deep his love for Star Wars goes!I was putting towels away in the bathroom, and he comes in behind me to go potty. That's when I hear him talking to himself.

"Target acquired, Captain.  Permission to take the shot." 

"Negative, Red Leader!"

"But Captain, I have the target in my sights."

"Hold your fire, Red Leader."

"I'm not letting this one get away!!  I'm going in!!"

(Goes potty)

**a very dramatic sigh**

"It's over, Captain.  The target has been eliminated!"


And as he walks out of the bathroom he notices me laughing hysterically, and just says, "What??"

May the force be with this mom! Does your child love Star Wars?

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