Is Burger King, SpongeBob Commercial Too Sexualized?

burgerTake a look at this.

It's a new Burger King commercial featuring Nickelodeon's SpongeBob Square Pants. But according to many outraged parents and the Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood, the spot is too sexualized for children.


Here's how the CCFC sees it:  The commercial features The King singing a remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" with the new lyrics "I like square butts and I cannot lie." The ad shows images of The King singing in front of women shaking their behinds for the camera with images of SpongeBob dancing along. The King even measures the behind of one of the woman who has stuffed a phone book under her dress.

It's bad enough when companies use a beloved media character like SpongeBob to promote junk food to children, but it's utterly reprehensible when that character simultaneously promotes objectified, sexualized images of women.

I have an opinion on this myself, but in the interest of full disclosure, I'm anti-commercials for kids in general. I hate the idea of excessive marketing to children--and as much as I love hip-hop, I'm way sensitive to its bent towards misogyny. Suffice it to say I'm no Mix-A-Lot fan (even if I could take the female objectification, he just can't rhyme). Interestingly enough, when darmika posted her take on this in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, over 140 moms had a lot to say. Many of you hate it, some are borderline, but a lot of moms see no problem whatsoever. Really?

I'm curious, what do you think?

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