Is Your Kid Going to Camp?



photo by (my friend!) Peajewel

. Cody and his friends at church camp.

Are you sending the kids to camp this summer? My 5-year-old will be going for the first time this year. Day camp for now, as sleep-away camp is definitely too much at his age. We want him to swim and to go on cool trips, but we also want something that has a little academic enrichment snuck in. And we're thinking about football camp too--something where he can be athletic but also learn the value of team play. The truth is, I didn't realize how involved the hunt for camps would be. There are a lot of things to consider, cost not the least of them.


What I'm discovering about my search for the right camp, is that it is imperative to ask questions. At, there's a wealth of info about just what those questions should be. Here are some of their suggested things to ask the camp director whether your child is going to sleep-away or day camp (remember, simply reading the brochure probably isn't quite enough to know the real deal):

  • What is the camp's philosophy and program emphasis?
  • What is the camp director's background?
  • What training do counselors receive?
  • What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?
  • What are the ages of the counselors?
  • What are desired qualities in camp staff?
  • What percentage of the counselors returned for last year?
  • How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handles?
  • How does the camp handle special needs?
  • How does the camp handle homesickness and other adjustment issues?
  • What about references?
  • Is the camp accredited by the American Camp Association? Why? Why not?

Have your kids ever gone to camp? Will they go to camp this summer? What kind of camp?


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