Little Big Cat Lover

lion tiger

Just got back from the library. My 5-year-old got his first library card today, and what a cool thing that was. When we went to "check out" the books we'd eventually check out, he only wanted to look at books about big cats. Since he's been able to talk, he's been fascinated by these amazing creatures. But it's a little intense, his love of these animals I have to say. Doesn't matter what--cougar, ocelot, puma, tiger, cheetah, leopard, and of course, lions--he can tell you their habitats and other tidbits about them too.


When the book we were reading today claimed that the tiger was the largest of the cats, my kindergartner said, "No! Liger!" If you don't know, a liger is a (man-made) cross between a lion and tiger--and yes, he's right, they're much bigger than tigers.

I personally think his fascination is cute. My mom, not so much. At lunch today all my son wanted to do is show her pictures of big cats eating their prey. My mother thinks he thinks he is a big cat. (Well, he did go as a black panther this Halloween.) Ma, please.

"Meat. I want meat," my son said to the waiter.

"What?" I responded curiously. I mean, that's a weird thing to blurt out.

"Mommy, I'm a carnivore," he said matter of factly. Oh boy, as always, it looks like my mother is right.

Does your little one love big cats? What's behind the fascination?

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