Summer Jobs for Teens Few and Far Between



photo by home2stay

I had fat pockets as a teen. All throughout high school I worked--first at a library, then a gift shop, a city program, and a clothing store. Ahh, those were the days. But so much has changed since the days of walking into an establishment with a smile and a clean shirt saying "hire me", and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this summer will be especially tough for teens looking for work. The occasional babysitting or lawn mowing gig may show up, but for teens serious about seeking full or part-time summer employment, expectations should be managed and the search for work should start now.


Blogger mom Lisa Belkin, talked with the hourly job search Web site --they surveyed 1,000 hourly hiring managers last month, and found that nearly half (46 percent) of those would not be recruiting summer hires this year. And those who will be hiring, will do so at far lower rates than in previous summers.

Belkin reports that CEO Shawn Boyer has further sobering news.:

“We’d be leading teens astray if we told them anything other than the fact that it will be a very tough summer for high school and college students to find season jobs,” said Boyer.“The reality is that this recession hasn’t hit rock bottom, and more and more people are out of work each month, which is going to increase pressure on the summer job market. That said, teens should not give up hope. Instead, they and their parents should go into the summer job hunt with their eyes wide open — casting the net very wide, applying as soon as possible and accepting a job for the experience as much as the paycheck.”

Maybe this is the summer for kids to do internship style work--in other words, beef up the resume, if not the pockets.

Does your teen want to work this summer? Did he/she work last summer? Doing what?


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