Calling All Teen Girl Artists!

Is your teenage daughter an aspiring visual artist? If you've noticed that your daughter (13 or older) does more than simply doodle in the corners of her notebook but in fact creates mini-works of art, see if she'd be interested in trying her hand at a professional opportunity.


MC Children's Books is looking for a teen girl artist to commission artwork for an upcoming book project to be released next Fall. Author Cheryl Dellasega is looking for someone to illustrate her second book in the bloggrl series. lt's the story-in-blog of Meg, a high school sophomore who has grown up with an older sister who is TPTBT (Too Perfect To Be True). Just as it seems Meg might find a way to express herself and step out of her sisters shadow, a terrible secret tears her family apart.

Ooh, sounds juicy! There's not much time left, however, so move quickly--a final decision will be made before the end of the year.  Here is the official link with application details. Good luck, little Frida Kahlos!

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