The Tooth Fairy Project: Kids Exposed to Radiation

green livingradiationAs if I don't have enough to feel mommy guilt about, when my 5-year-old's first tooth came out, er, I put it somewhere safe(ish), I thought. But apparently the tooth fairy--after swiping it the first time from under a sleeping kid's pillow--came back and took it a second time from my stash box (leaving no cash that time). What's up with her?

Well, should she ever visit again, I'm redirecting her to the Tooth Fairy Project.


Created by the Radiation and Public Health Project (a watchdog group), The Tooth Fairy Project studies levels of radiation found in baby teeth to determine where the highest levels of strontium-90 are located in America. In other words--radiation.

Strontium-90 deposits itself in teeth and bones, just like calcium, so studying baby teeth allows researchers to see where the radiation is being released. This is important environmental work because according to the EPA, increased exposure to S-90 increases the risk for different cancers. The project hopes to identify whether radioactive material is being released by nuclear power plants, the effect of the Chernobyl disaster in America and if radiation levels have increased over the years.

To participate, all you have to do is fill out this form detailing where you live, when your child was born and where you lived when pregnant, and send it in with the tooth. The group hopes to collect 10,000 teeth but since I'm definitely beating the Tooth Fairy to the punch next time, that's 9,999.

Are there any environmental concerns that worry you?

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