When Boys Touch Themselves

underwearFunny. I had just posted a story on Oprah's controversial episode about talking to girls about sex--and masturbation, when I read this:

My stepson is 8-years-old. For the last year, he grabs at himself all the time, and sometimes will have his hand down the front of his pants, playing with himself. I tell him to stop doing that at least 5 times every day. I feel like with him getting older, he shouldn't be doing that... He doesn't have a rash or isn't wearing any kind of underwear or pants that could be making him itch, so I'm very concerned about the reason.. Anyone else's kids do this?--PeytonsMom21109


Uh, yeah. As a mother of two boys--3 and 5--I've witnessed my share of this. But like GrnEyedGrandma (who's raised two boys herself) added, "It's so normal it isn't funny. Remind him that touching himself is his private business and needs to be done in private.. Also make him wash his hands..a lot."

Well said.

Does your son idly put his hands "down there?"


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