"My Child is Addicted to Video Games"

video gameDoes this anonymous mom's dilemma sound too familiar to you?

"My 8-year-old is completely addicted to video games. That's all he talks about. All he does or wants to do. He doesn't play before school and after school, he comes home and eats dinner and does homework. He is making really good grades, so I don't want to take them from him. And they aren't causing a problem, YET..."


I definitely feel this mom's pain. In reality for me (and her, it seems), the video games aren't quite a problem yet, but one can just smell a situation looming on the horizon. My son is only five and he really loves his V-Tech system. LOVES it. In theory, because it's educational there should be no worries, but too much of anything can't be good, right? As it is, he won't stop on his own when he's playing. I always have to come and rain on his parade. Lately, any and all down time is met with, "Mom can I play my video game?" Sure, a little cute now, but how does this story end? I've heard horror stories about kids' video game addictions.

Ironically, my mother is coming in town today and she's surprising my son with a Nintendo DS thingy. Here we go.

Is your child addicted to video games? What have you done to curb it?


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