Stressed When Dad Has the Kids

I don't know about anyone else, but some of the best motherhood advice I ever received was just after I gave birth to my now 5-year-old son. I was barely leaving the house (like new moms are prone to do), even when my husband was home. "Why?" asked a friend. "Because 'he'..."

She cut me off. "If you are about to tell me something your man can't do, that's crap. Tell him once what to do, where everything is, and leave. If the baby is breathing when you come home, all is well," she bluntly said.


Those were harsh words for a mother just getting started, but it turns out she was 100% correct. Of course I knew that my baby was in absolutely no kind of danger with his dad, and so the challenge was simply learning how not to micromanage every single detail surrounding the baby, enough that I could step outside every now and then to feel sane.

It was a lesson hard learned. It took years to let go of the micromanagement, and no, when I leave, things are not just as they would've been if I were there. When I leave the kids with their father now, they watch crazy stuff on TV (Ultimate Fighting!) and eat way more oatmeal (in place of meals)  than they should, but you know what? They're breathing when I walk in the door.

How about you? Are you stressed when you leave your kids with their dad? Check me out on momversation talking with other blogger moms on this subject.

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