Going Green in Small Steps: Why Moms of Big Kids Should Just Do It

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Going green, or learning to live in a more eco-friendly way is no longer this big idea that people just can't wrap their minds around. What many of us are figuring out is that living green is that it's all about little things, the small stuff we can each do to make our lives and the world around us better--and more sustainable.


We can all model the right thing.

For moms of big kids, these small actions make a huge difference. Why? Because we are literally modeling for our children a more responsible way to live. Author of the amazon.com guide "So you'd like to...Start Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Living Green," says: As a mother and someone who works with the young generation it has become increasingly apparent to me that they are not entirely sure why it is important to live environmentally friendly..., or they simply do not have any desire to help the environment because of their invincible, I can do anything I want to without any consequences attitude towards life.

I appreciate this observation, but I actually believe that right along with us children are beginning to really "get it"-- that they want to save this Earth. But taking either view point, it's pretty obvious what we as moms do to go green now, will impact the decisions our children make later. So if you haven't taken a green turn yet, check out some of the different ways some moms in the GreenMommas group are "greening" their families' lives. You might just say, I can totally do that! Watch me, kids!

  • Right now there is a store near us that pays money for cans and I told the kids in my neighbor that all they have to do is bring me cans and I will pay them for each can. I had been noticing litter everywhere so that is how I helped with that.--MommyVilla (mom of 2)
  • I recently traded in my gas hogger SUV and we got a Chrysler Aspen which takes the E85 ethanol gas--which I feel very good about doing.--LisaMommy (mom of 1)
  • I do everything possible such as compost, breakdown cardboard and sort all recyclables, switched light bulbs and...I just made my own reusable grocery bags this past weekend--busybee68 (mom of 2)
  • From buying organic tampons, to organic foods, we use chlorine free bleach...We replaced all of our lightbulbs, I use cloth tote bags for groceries, we recycle, I buy recycled paper products.  We pretty much only drink water in our house and I save any leftover water ...and I use the water [for] my plants and to fill the dogs bowl. --jenadorn (mom of 1)
  • We have always recycled but we have been replacing our light bulbs and I am in the process of trying to find some good "green" cleaning products to replace all of the chemical ones.--sydnnansmom (mom of 2)

What small steps are you taking to go green? Are your children involved?

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