10 Easter Basket Stuffers for Tweens



photo by cafemama

This little guy's not complaining about his Easter basket!

Yes, tweens still want Easter baskets. Kids in those in between years are maturing, absolutely, but apparently they are not too grown up for a chocolate bunny, a sweet little note, and some, um, "special love" (read: gifts) from mom. 


In fact, when MinnieMouse8 asked other mothers for suggestions as to what she should put in her tweens (age 9 and 12) Easter basket, she got a cool list of ideas I'd never even thought about.

Who knew chocolate Kisses weren't enough?!

Should you be wondering the same thing as Minnie--What do I get my tween for Easter?--here's are 10 things moms suggested (Warning: some of this cost$!):

1. bible

2. lipgloss

3. religious jewelry (cross, angel)

4. perfume

5. CD's

6. cologne

7. wallet

8. small gift certificates (for a movies, CD, Walmart or iTunes for example)

9. spring outfit

10. sports accessories

Will your tween be getting an Easter basket this year? Will it contain a small gift?

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