Study: Under Age Drinking Laws Proven to Save Lives

beerSorry guys. Many high schoolers and even 19 and 20-year-olds who feel like they can handle a beer or two--and consequently resent underage drinking laws--have no argument now. Researchers who studied the impact of those laws and alcohol-related traffic fatalities, have finally concluded that the laws are not merely a good idea in theory--they really do save hundreds of lives.


According to Laws on purchase and possession of alcohol and zero tolerance save an estimated 732 lives a year, according to the study. And the researchers theorized that an additional 165 could be saved if all states were to adopt use-and-lose laws.

"Raising the drinking age to 21 has resulted in significant reductions in underage drinking and driving fatal crashes," said the study's lead author, James C. Fell, director of traffic safety and enforcement programs for the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, in Calverton, Md., which did the study.

Can you imagine? This means that in one year alone, there were 700 fewer funerals; over 700 families spared the unbearable grief of losing a loved one to a senseless act. That's no small thing.

Were you an underage drinker?

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