Shoplifting Scenario: What Would You Do?

video gameJust for fun!

Your 13-year-old son has been improving in school so much that you decide you're going to treat him to something nice. Heck, whatever he wants (within reason, LOL)! He says he wants another video game for his Xbox360. Bet. On the next Saturday you both head out and have a rare early afternoon bonding session while driving to the electronics store. "This kid is really great," you think to yourself.


You son finds exactly what he wants and you get in line to pay for it at the register. When you turn around, you notice that he's is leaving the store abruptly. Weird. When you get to the car, he's there waiting for you but seeming a little anxious.

"What is wrong with you?" you ask.

"Nothing, let's just go," he shoots back.

As you pull the car out of the lot you notice two security guards standing in your rear view. They're pointing at your car and one is writing down your license plate number. Finally, you shout, "What the *#>&! is going on?!"


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Of course, this could end a million different ways. How would a shoplifting scenario with your child end for you? Or rather for him?

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