Raising Socially-Conscious Kids

I was stopped in my tracks by the very title of  IhartU's journal post: The sacrifice my nine year old daughter was willing to make.

hair donation

photo by IhartU



What kind of sacrifice would 9-year-old be possibly willing to make? And why? Turns out, after this little girl lost her dear aunt to breast cancer almost a year ago, she immediately turned her sadness into purpose. She decided she was going to grow her hair out to eventually donate to Wigs for Kids, an organization that provides wigs for children with hair loss from chemotherapy and other conditions.

From the journal post:

It was a tough road for her because she has really thick hair and it's very frustrating to style. Although at times she was really upset and just wanted to chop it all off, she has a big heart a and kept in mind that happy little girl who would one day get a wig made from her hair. She decided to make this donation in honor of Aunt Jessica, whom she misses greatly. What an amazing, loving, caring little girl I have and I couldn't be prouder of her!

hair cut

photo by IhartU


I guess what moved me was not only the humility and grace of this child's sacrifice (She took the time to grow her hair and then cut it off?!), but also that this act stands in direct contrast to the talk we often hear about "kids these days" being lost and uncaring. In reality, many moms like IhartU are raising a new generation of loving, empathetic, socially-conscious kids who actually understand that the world doesn't solely revolve around them. It's what I hope to model for my children and I'm determined to write about these kinds of positive kid trends more.

So Bravo IhartU, and bravo to your cool daughter!

Does your child often think about the well-being of others? If you know a child who has made a scarifice for someone else, let me know!


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