The Only Child Myth

only child, cow

People say all kinds of mean things about only children. Spoiled and selfish definitely come to mind. But an increasing amount of families are deciding to only have one child whether it be for financial reasons or otherwise. With reports surfacing about first-born children getting more attention and time--to the detriment of other sibs-- it seems there is a wisdom to having one child, perhaps one that only mothers of only children fully understand.


A couple of years ago, ABC's 20/20 did a report entitled "The Only Child Myth" that not only busted the stereotypes about only children but also shed light on something else:

"While a battery of studies shows no difference with onlies when it comes to bossiness or acting spoiled, it turns out there is a significant difference when it comes to intelligence. A landmark 20-year study showed that increased one-on-one parenting produces higher education levels, higher test scores and higher levels of achievement."

I have to bear witness and say that all of the only children I know are especially smart. (And maybe just a wee bit selfish. LOL!)

If you have an only child, be sure to join the private group My One & Only: Moms to One Child.

Are you an only child? Is your child an only child? What made you decide to stop at one?

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