Rihanna and Other Celebs Fight to Save a Young Life


photo by OK! magazine

At Jasmina's 6th birthday party last month she looked the part of a princess or a little rich girl celebrating her Super Sweet 16. Serenaded by Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child), the 6-year-old was happier than ever.


But the party wasn't at her house or a rented hall; it was at the NYU Cancer Institute. Only four months ago Jasmina was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia--and unless she finds a donor bone marrow match--doctors say she will not likely make it to her 7th birthday.

According to OK! magazine, Kelly Rowland is just one of many celebrities trying to help Jasmina find a match. "It all started with Rihanna. 'Deeply moved' last month when she saw a video put together by Jasmina’s pal Isabelle and her mom, Karen, the Barbadian super-star drummed up some 3,000 donor applicants," reports OK.

(How wonderful that instead of focusing on the Chris Brown fiasco, Rihanna is doing more important things.)

Jasmina and friend Isabelle are African American girls who were both adopted by white families. "To find a perfect bone marrow donor will be extremely difficult, because African-Americans make up only 8% of the bone marrow registry and have more diverse tissue types. Jasmina has no full siblings, and because she was adopted, there is no information about her extended birth family, which makes it that much harder to find a match," writes leukemia info site DKMSAmerica.org.

DKMS invites all Americans to support them in the Fight Against Leukemia. Just ten minutes of your time can help save the life of Jasmina and thousands like her suffering from life-threatening blood cancers.

For more information, please go to oneforjasmina.com

Have you ever donated blood? To save a life, would you ever consider being a donor of any kind?

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