Do You Hate Homework?


Blogger mom Katie Allison Granju does. Quietly, I'd bet she has a whole lot of company from moms of big kids. Katie warns moms of younger children who don't understand where she's coming from that "homework will become an extra job for you."


Here's her argument.

Many experts are coming to the same conclusions I've personally held for some time: the way our educational system does homework is counterproductive. There is far too much of it, and it's assigned to children who are too young to be expected to sit still all day, and then sit down and do more work when they get home. It's unfair to children who don't have parents at home who can or will help them with their homework each night. It takes away from important family time (and in our family - with two working parents - those three or four hours before bed are all we get on weekdays - and that has to include cooking and eating supper), and it prevents children from discovering and creating and reading on their own; they are too busy memorizing lists of vocabulary words.

My son is in kindergarten and gets no official homework, but the sight words and enrichment things we do definitely take time. It's not a stretch for me to get Katie's take on the burden of homework--at all. As our educational system improves, here's to finding ways to make homework efficient and effective--and less of a chore for moms.

Is homework an extra job for you? Come on, tell us, do you hate it?

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