Man Robs Store with 9-Year-Old Daughter at His Side

gun, robbery

Not quite the typical Bonnie and Clyde story. This time "Bonnie" is only 9-years-old--and the daughter of "Clyde."

Sheriff's deputies in Washington state are on the hunt for a man who robbed a mini-mart while a little girl stood at his side.


According to police, the guy approached the counter, drew a gun and demanded money from the register. Once the clerk complied, the man left with the little girl, cloaked in a pink coat, without further incident.

But before he ran off with less than $200, the man said to the camera something about losing his job and trying to support his little girl.

Why would a man bring his daughter to an armed robbery?

Some people may feel sympathy for the guy, after all, desperate times call for desperate measures. But IMO, endangering the well-being of a 9-year-old is unforgivable.

Have you heard about this bizarre story? What do you think?

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