When It Comes to Cleaner Teeth, Seeing Is Believing

Listerine Kids

The following is a guest post from our sponsor, Listerine.

Last week I told my 6-year-old to wash her hands when she came home from school and she said she didn't need to (holding them up as proof that they weren't dirty).

My fourth grader wanted to skip his shower because he said he didn't sweat (that much) at gym.

So why was I surprised that both of them thought they were doing a good job brushing their teeth? To them, they looked perfectly clean, when I knew they really weren't.


Well, no matter how much I try to tell them that germs exist even if they can't see them, these kids clearly required proof. Enter Listerine® Agent Cool Blue® tinting rinse and Listerine® Smart RinseTM-- an anticavity fluoride rinse, which are both made just for kids. Especially kids like mine.

With my younger one, I have her rinse her mouth with Agent Cool Blue® before brushing which tints her teeth blue so that she can focus on learning how to brush her teeth better and more thoroughly. She knows she's not done until all the blue is gone. Then, she (and I) can see that she's done a good job. And, she happens to think having blue teeth is fairly hilarious, so we build in an extra few minutes for unstoppable giggles. But I'll take that over the constant battles any day.

And speaking of daily brushing battles, I thought my son would sprain his eyeballs from all the eye rolling when I'd tell him he needed to clean his mouth better. That means doing more than just brushing. So now after he's done doing that he uses Listerine Smart RinseTM. When he spits he can see exactly how much cleaner his mouth really is--a much better use for those eyeballs.

Here's why -- this stuff acts like a magnet, attracting all the food particles and germs that he's left behind. If there's a lot of gunk in the sink, it means there was a lot of gunk in his mouth. Proof positive that he needs to go above and beyond just brushing his teeth, so now he does. And, although he'd roll his eyes at this one too, I think we both like that it helps prevent cavities and kills bad breath germs.

The fact is that kids never believe us when we tell them things like eating vegetables will make them big and strong, but with Listerine® Agent Cool Blue® and Listerine® Smart RinseTM they don't have to take our word for it. Because seeing, or rinsing as the case may be, is believing.

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