What Should She Do? Neighbor Files Police Report on Kid

bikeThis one is best in southenrmunchkn's own words.

"My 9-year-old was riding her bike yesterday and accidentally hit the neighbor's parked car. She was honest about it and told the neighbor what happened. We were told not to worry about it and the other kids in the neighborhood had also damaged her car (but took off instead of telling the truth) so she would have the scratch fixed when she had the rest done. A few minutes ago she came over to tell me she is filing a police report. Now I'm worried. What can they do?"


Mothers in response to southen's post pretty much said everything that came to mind for me: sounds like insurance purposes, be careful not to get blamed for any pre-existing damage, and was your daughter wearing a helmet?

Anything to add here? Any experience with this kind of thing? Do you think the mom can be penalized beyond paying for damage?

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