African American Disney Princess Controversy


black princess

 Disney photo as shown in UK Daily Mail

The Princess and The Frog set for release late this year will be Disney's first animation starring an African American princess. I want to jump up and down on my bed for all the little girls who look as I did as a child, but unlike the girl me, will have a chance to actually see themselves reflected in a fairy tale. Yay for Princess Tiana! Go on, girl!


There is a controversy surrounding this movie however.

Prince Naveen, the dashing guy who eventually scoops the beautiful princess off of her feet, is apparently white. In response to this, some people are charging Disney with being uncomfortable with idea of a black prince, and by extension, "black love" to represent a fairy tale.

Talk more about it with other moms in the CM group ThePrincessandTheFrog!

Could that be possible? What do you think about Disney's decision not to have a black prince? Issue or non-issue?



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mommy... mommyfesha

I'm so excited to take my daughter to see this movie! It's about time Disney realized that princesses can come i all colors! I have to agree that the prince does appear middle eastern, but either way it's a non-issue for me.

tiger... tigerlily511

 I really don't think it is an issue. It is actually teaching our children that love comes in many different colors and we shouldn't be so prejudice.

luvmy... luvmy8kidsinIN

Woohoo! Also a non-issue for us and I agree that it is about time!

bowie... bowiemommy

 As an AA mom who's 6 year old daughter tunes into Disney much more than I would like, I'm ecstatic that there is finally a black princess.  However I do have a different opinion than most I've read here.  While love knows no color and it's important for our kids to see relationships between all races, I'm still left asking "why can't the black princess have a black prince?"  Most of the Disney movies and shows have no black leading characters.  When they do, they usually have a co-star or love interest of another race.  I think it would be nice for my daughter and my son to see a black love story.

nonmember avatar Jody

Who ever thought about bringing this up that a black princess would be an issue to Disneyland is a racist pig. In Alladin Disney movie there was no problem with the princess being East Indian! I think it is absolutly fantastic and about time. I don't watch princess movies (i have 2 boys 4 & 6yrs old) They are bi-racial and I love that Disney is taking a stand. Hopefully they stick to their guns.

unLuc... unLucky209

I LOVE that the new Disney Princess is African-American....just because I've never been able to see someone who looked like me as a Disney Princess before but the race of the Prince is really a non-issue to alot of the other posters already said I think it will teach our children to look beyond the color of our skin to the person who's underneath.


grow up its the year 2009 i know lets make everyone green or purple, or blu then we wouldnt have to worry

dolly... dollysmom

Who really cares?  NON issue.  We are people, for goodness sake. 

nekol623 nekol623

I love the fact that there is going to be an African American princess. It does not matter whether the prince is White or black. But I will say that it is about time. Why not?

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

Bowiemommy, you actually raise a unique perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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