It's Just Like Riding A Bike

bike rideThey say once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. I guess not since learning (or teaching) at first seems so freaking impossible! Mom sparrowprincess just posted a question I've been wanting to ask you guys myself:


How old was your kid when she learned to ride a bike?

You hate to compare yourself to other families with bike riding kids, but when you get to the park and your little Susie (now 25, LOL!) is the only who can't peddle two good times, it makes you say, hmmm, perhaps we should have started this earlier.

"Both my kids are still on training wheels," says sparrow whose children are 9 and 6 1/2. "We've tried and tried to leave them off, but neither seem to have the balance needed (even after miles upon miles of running behind holding the seat)."

It 's a dilemma I was fully expecting to have myself.  But not now. Not after the  resounding suggestion moms had for sparrow--TAKE THE TRAINING WHEELS OFF!

Got it.

This spring is THE spring for learning to ride bikes and scooters for my children. One kid is 5.4 the other, 3.7 and doggone it, we are putting on helmets (and taking off training wheels) and mastering these things once and for all.

Does your child know how to ride a bike? How old was she when she learned? Did you use training wheels?

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