Rubik's Cube Totally Rocks


Why did they make these things? Aren't there enough distractions on a New York City subway these days--graffiti everywhere, kids walking through train cars with boom boxes blasting and of course, breakdancing (which I totally like to watch.). But now with this new color block toy thing called Rubik's Cube, the kids all look like zombies riding aimlessly trying to figure it out.


rubiks cube

Rubik's Cube is a hit!


I admit, courtesy of my 12-year-old cousin, I've tried it. Okay, I'm hooked. It's funky fresh!!! So far, no matter how long I work at it, I can only seem to get two sides complete--what's up with that? You have to be a brainiac or something to get the whole thing done.

Well, I missed my stop this morning, messing around with this crazy Rubik's Cube. Now I'm the zombie! No more! Back to listening to my new Walkman--gotta love RunDMC! Two years ago/ A friend of Mine/ Asked Me to Say Some MC Rhymes

Ha, April Fool's! What's your 80's flashback?! Check out the Daily Buzz for more!

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Nanlyn33 Nanlyn33

LOL!  Cafemom is funny today!  I'll play along.  I still need to get ready for my day.  I hope I have enough hairspray so I can tease my hair.  Now, which pair of leg warmers should I wear today?

lucho... luchousdiva

OOOHHHHHH!  I am off to ride my big wheel and put a banana clip in my hair!!!!


okay i getting my 8 tracks out and listining to mc hammer lol good day ladies

emslala emslala

*You've got the right stuff, baby... Oh oh oh-oh-oh, oh oh oh-OH! Oh oh oh-oh-oh... The right stuff!*

theresa theresa

the rubik's cupe was our vidio game,what you talking about.,lol

mom2a... mom2angelz

I love the rubiks cube! Aggravating as it is ha ha ha  My favorite video game was galaga!! I loved going to the laundry mat to play! 

PinkS... PinkSodaPop

I was one of those brainiacs.  wink mini



In my defense I was a cute brainiac back then...come to think of it...I still am!  angel mini

curlykit curlykit

Aww man, you're going to make me run to Target to get a Rubiks Cube for real!!

count... countrycowgirlz

This is so crazy...I remember buying the book that told you how to solve the Rubiks Cube, no matter how messed up you got it. OMG, the flash back of the 80's today are so fun.

thesp... thespookyone

My son is 17.. he has the 3x3 as they are called now.. he has the 4x4 and 5x5 he has the flat one.. it is fun and the black one.. It is cool... and he has a friend that has a cool shaped one.... he can solve them all in no time flat....

HE loves them..

Oh we had the 2x2 till J broke it.. GERRR he was doing a finger trick and he snapped it. heheheeh the cube is amazing!!!!

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