Do Your Kids Play With Toy Guns?

toy gunThere is a huge bag of little Army men armed with machine guns and the works up high on a shelf in my dining room. It was a gift from some well-meaning person for my oldest son's 3-year-old birthday. This person obviously didn't have little ones; the toys were way too small for a child still occasionally prone to sampling things by mouth. And of course, there was the whole toy gun issue.


At the time, I was firmly, absolutely against the idea of toy guns. No, I don't want my kids playing with war toys, thanks. But now my boys are getting older and have discovered guns despite my efforts. Pow! You're dead! Water guns, paintball guns, and even guns made to look real; all of these are available--and marketed to especially to boys. So here we are only a couple of years since the Army men gift, and I'm thinking about taking them down off the shelf (Um, why did I keep them?). Sure, I feel sort of sad about children's fascination with guns; but since I'm anti-war, why "battle" over toys?

Answer the poll and if you have time, let me know how you feel about toy guns.


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