Reprimanding Someone Else's Child


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Leave my baby alone!

Confession time.

Anyone who's been reading my posts for a while knows that my 5-year-old son has had a few problems with bullies. He's only in kindergarten and he's already had a black eye. The details of that specific occurrence are murky--as murky as the details of every incident that has followed--but there's been one consistent thing about all of them, a kid named "Owen."


Well last week, after I wrote a page long letter to Owen's parents essentially saying, I can't take it anymore and if you don't handle your child...blah, blah, blah...I lost it when at first I got no response. I'd talked the teacher's ear off the night before as well as another boy's parents too. It seemed to me that all of the responsible adults were trying to fix the problem--all except Owen's folks. Figures.

So on the following morning when I dropped my son off and caught a glimpse of Owen already at his desk, it happened before I could stop myself.

I kneeled down and got too close for comfort. It was a scene from the Sopranos.

"Owen you are NOT to wrestle with or be physical with Lorenzo in any way." I could tell the kid was intimidated/guilty/shocked because he wouldn't look up at me. "Lorenzo, do you hear this?!" I turned back to my son. He too was surprised.

I got back in Owen's 6-year-old face. "Owen, AM I CLEAR?" the bouncer in me said. "Keep your hands to yourself."

Owen nodded a pitiful little yes.

It was weird how I felt after. Guilty and relieved. Another mother watched the entire exchange (also in shock), but I was glad she was there in case Owen started screaming for his life or accused me of something more than what happened.

In the days that followed, my son mysteriously had no problems with Owen. I wondered about my tactics though. Would any other mother do this? Yes, it turns out.

Mom Salazar6pack wrote this in response to another question--and it sure made me feel sane.

"One time I snatched up some kid after school that was picking on my kid (I think they were in the 2nd grade), I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled his face to my face and told him to leave my kid alone or I was gonna come back and spank him next time. LOL. It worked, he never picked on him again.

Is there ever a circumstance where you would reprimand someone else's child?

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