Mom Envy: Her House is Nicer Than Mine



Her house was straight out of a magazine.

The playdate was supposed to help my kid get over a bullying incident--not force me to rethink my entire way of living.

Some background: My kid was hit it the face by another kid--at the urging of yet a third kid, the class bully. As a way to make things better between my son and the little guy who was told to hit him (and did so!), us moms decided to get the boys together for a playdate. Sounds simply kindergarten doesn't it?

Well it would've been--simple and kindergarten, that is--if her house had looked anything like mine. Like me, this woman also has two young kids barely two years apart. Unlike me, her living room, kitchen etc. showed no sign of it.  I walked in and was amazed. It's not that her house was "perfect"--one of those places that looks like real people never set foot inside--just the opposite; it was lived in and comfortable but gorgeous beyond belief! Everything about it was artistic with a modern touch. The yarn sculpture, the hard wood floors, the kitchen cabinetry, the wall-sized prints. Sun shone from the front to the back. Black and white photos of her kids lined the stairway in perfectly matched black frames. Did I walk into a magazine shoot?

The whole time I was supposed to be talking about the kids, I spent talking to myself about the fabulousness of this house! I won't even mention the woman's amazing personal style.The envy was turning me into a Kermit the frog shade of green. Naturally, I complimented the mom (on what was my dream home and decor, that she somehow jacked) and then quickly pretended not to be blown away. What else could I do? Grovel and beg to trade homes? Lives?!

Oh that's right, her son just hit mine. Well, hmph, we have better manners.

Have you ever felt envious of your child's classmate's mom?

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angel... angelachristine

We live in a extremely small 2 bedroom apt we don't have a living room our kitchen is really small everything is cluttered and we have nowhere to put things. I've been over to playdates with some of the mommies from my church and I was kinda envious. They all have really nice big  houses with nice furniture and I wouldn't want any of them to see where I live.

I try not to be that way but I really hate my apt but don't have the money to move. Oh well. You are not alone.

Fista... Fistandantalus

I do envy people who have style and know how to show it off.  I was Born Without Style and while that deficit comes with the superpower of being completely unembarrasable, it bugs me that I can't seem to achieve style even for the benefit of those I love.

sapient sapient

I'm with you fistandantalus (Liz is so much easier to type you know).

I have no personal style. I have lots of ideas. Too many ideas. My designs end up looking completely schitzophrenic mixing aisan, tuscan, american, classic, art deco, all in one room. It doesn't work.

Even if I had a million bucks and a huge house, I don't think it would be much better. I think I am going to have to resign myself to being 'eclectic'

sweet... sweetokie

I don't have style eather..... but..... sometimes just a small vase with pretty flowers on a table will brighten any  room. :-) Your style is who you are... with or without it. What is in your home is who you are. That is what makes you  YOU. I have felt envious of a friend who has this really pretty house..... but I don't weant to clean it. lol


I really do understand...and have been there, but maybe you should try to become better friends with her and you could always compliment her on her style and ask her if she could give you ideas...then you could just have the best of both worlds...some added style to your house and a new's just an idea :)

sunsh... sunshine06

I have style, but enough sense not to spend money on nice furniture that is just going to get ruined or decorate only to have a kid pull everything down when Im not looking.  I have 5 kids.  My house looks like I have 5 kids.  I don't apologize for it either.  That's my life.  Why worry about it.  One day when they are old enough to know better than to jump on the couch and I no longer have to buy magic eraser by the case, I will have my home decorated they way I  have always wanted it and be the envy of all my friends.  Until then I will keep the ugly furniture and the dollar store picture frames.  Just step over the toy bin on your way to the couch.  Move the sippy cups over and prop your feet up.  Welcome to my home.

dotti... dottieanna29

I too have an extremely small living space.  In our case its a house that we are planning to rebuild somewhere between "eventually" and "soon".  In 2 bedrooms, 750 square feet we have two adults, a teenager, a preschooler and a toddler.  And it looks like it.  There's no place for anything so nothing is ever in its place.  The little guys sleep in the living room so that's also the playroom. 

I belong to a mom's club and we live in a very high income area - million dollar homes.  So I am often very envious of my friends houses.

teddy33 teddy33

i like to live in my home  i have no decoration style and figure i really dont need it if need a picture to hang i take one of my daughter or better yet she will to draw me one  for me that priceless.  i told my husband when we bought our home that i wanted one we can live in not tip toe around in. i love my home it clean and meets are needs


Momof... Momof3cuties

I live in a wealthy area where there are multi-million dollar homes....we however live in a small home built in 1985 so I am often guilty of envy of style or size of the home.....but I got a huge compliment from one of these moms whose home I envy...she told me that she loved my house b/c it was so uncluttered & so nicely decorated!  Her daughter told her that she thought my bathroom was beautiful!  My master bath is smaller than most people's closets but I did my best to make it pretty.  I will admire someones style & maybe even swipe a few ideas when I go to their home!  My house is small but it's mine & I am pretty happy with the way I have it day when there are no more little ones, I plan on doing more in light colors!  LOL!

writeon writeon

My husband and I worked our way from a small old mobile home with a beautiful garden on ten acres of land in Mn. We had our baby there and life was so sweet and simple. . Now we have a beautiful home in florida with a built in pool and my husband has a high stress job and we have to "groom" our lawn to keep the neighbors happy and I yell at the kids to take thier shoes off to protect my lovely carpet. I miss the old days.

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