Mom Envy: Her House is Nicer Than Mine


Her house was straight out of a magazine.

The playdate was supposed to help my kid get over a bullying incident--not force me to rethink my entire way of living.

Some background: My kid was hit it the face by another kid--at the urging of yet a third kid, the class bully. As a way to make things better between my son and the little guy who was told to hit him (and did so!), us moms decided to get the boys together for a playdate. Sounds simply kindergarten doesn't it?


Well it would've been--simple and kindergarten, that is--if her house had looked anything like mine. Like me, this woman also has two young kids barely two years apart. Unlike me, her living room, kitchen etc. showed no sign of it.  I walked in and was amazed. It's not that her house was "perfect"--one of those places that looks like real people never set foot inside--just the opposite; it was lived in and comfortable but gorgeous beyond belief! Everything about it was artistic with a modern touch. The yarn sculpture, the hard wood floors, the kitchen cabinetry, the wall-sized prints. Sun shone from the front to the back. Black and white photos of her kids lined the stairway in perfectly matched black frames. Did I walk into a magazine shoot?

The whole time I was supposed to be talking about the kids, I spent talking to myself about the fabulousness of this house! I won't even mention the woman's amazing personal style.The envy was turning me into a Kermit the frog shade of green. Naturally, I complimented the mom (on what was my dream home and decor, that she somehow jacked) and then quickly pretended not to be blown away. What else could I do? Grovel and beg to trade homes? Lives?!

Oh that's right, her son just hit mine. Well, hmph, we have better manners.

Have you ever felt envious of your child's classmate's mom?

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