DIY Halloween Costumes for Big Kids

photo by erica37

The clock is ticking. The coach isn't about to turn back into a pumpkin; the pumpkin's about to turn into a jack-o-lantern! This year make a pact with your kids that their costumes will not be store-bought, but that instead, you'll spend a few hours together (maybe this weekend?), having fun, being silly and getting creative all in the name of Halloween.


On Halloween morning, I always love to see the parents, kids and anchors on the Today Show compete for best costume. Talk about stretching the imagination! Well, I've found a few sites to put you on the road to making the most hilarious, original (and in most cases, really easy) DIY costumes possible, and I'm sure that if you don't find one you like here (green Wig + school girl outfit =Broccoli Spears!), or here, or here--you'll still be inspired to create something way cooler than anything the discount store carries.

Have a smaller child you need to morph into a gremlin? Check out these adorable Baby and Toddler Buzz posts. You can even get in the spirit with other moms and join fun a CM group like Moms Who Love Halloween. What are some of the best Halloween costumes you and the kids have made in the past? How'd you do it? What will the kids be this year?

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