Girl Fight: Sisters Who Can't Get Along



photo by kevinsgirl

Such sister love!

Do you have daughters who constantly bicker and fight? For a good stretch of my childhood, that was me and my sis. She is six years younger than me, so we were never doing quite the same thing, but somehow I felt bothered by her attention. If lil' sis was around, then my phone conversations had to be censored, my candy had to be hidden, my favorite hair clips had to be tucked away. Sure, I had begged for a baby sis, but when it came to really being a big sister I turned into Evilina.


Guinhyvar is a mom of three daughters who do their fair share of fighting, she writes in her journal. When I read it, I had a major flashback.

Now get back on to YOUR side of the room! Because this is MY side! And that is MY thing that you’re holding/playing with/looking at and give it back! Right now! Well, I maybe gave it to you but not to KEEP! And now I want it back because I know that you’re going to freak out and throw it at me and then I can go and whine tattle tell Mom about how you stole it from me, ripped it right from my hands and then threw it at me when I calmly asserted myself and told you to return the item!

And you're still on MY side of the room!

And the other one in this equation invariable breaks down into pitiful tears and cries out how miserably her sister treats her and all she wants to do is GET ALONG and how MEAN she is FOR NO REASON. All the time. Everyday. And how UNFAIR it all is, that she is straddled with such a mean sister who HATES her and all she ever wants to do is be friends and share and just… get along. Why can’t we get along, why are you so unjust, why must you treat me so terribly? I’m telling MOO-OOOOOM!

Oh yes, at the end of these kinds of battles, Major Mom always has to come settle the score. I get a headache just thinking about refereeing girl fights. Oy, think I owe my mother a big apology!

Do your daughters fight a lot?

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