Chores are Good for Children

broom, choresWhen I lived with my parents, Saturday mornings in my house were about chores. My mother was never a drill sergeant, but she liked her house to be somewhat together--and that meant my sis and I had to carry our weight.


But I remember when doing dishes went from novel and fun to burdensome, laundry the same. To tell you the truth, most of the chores that were our responsibility had to do with the maintenance of our own personal space --like the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor! Now as a mom with young kids, I see the importance of chores as a way to build responsibility in children, but also as a matter of practicality. My kids do small things like help set the table now, but as my boys get older, I will certainly be looking to them to shovel snow, take out garbage, make their beds, fold their clothes, sweep up etc. I want them to understand that a home is maintained by a collective, a loving team that works together for the good of the whole.

Is it old school thinking to believe that chores teach important values?

Do your kids have chores? Do you have to nag or do they have a routine they usually follow?

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