Nicknames for Big Kids


photo by AnaBaumgartner


When kids are really young, cutesy, funny little nicknames serve them well. "Lumpkin" "Boobie" and "Sugar Plum" may actually work in those early years (see Toddler Buzz!).


As a kid I had a close friend named "Mumsy" and honestly didn't know her given name until she was a grown woman. When I first saw her again after many, many years, I started to say, "Hey, Mummmmsyyyy!" but something told me "Kierna,  you might not want don't do that." 

Later on another friend discreetly told me her name was Lisa--and that she hates Mumsy now.

My question is: when kids get older, are nicknames still cool? Granted there is always a big 6'3" boy named Junior, and maybe a Missy or two. But, like, is my nephew going to be known as Baby James forever? He's already not a baby. And note to my mother: You cannot call my 5-year-old son "Love Bunny Rabbit" in front of his friends. Ever.

I'm afraid some habits are hard to break!

Do your big kids have nicknames?  Let's hear them!

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