Mother Nature or God?: When Faith Comes Up at School

mother nature

Religion and faith are sensitive, deeply personal topics, and as parents, we are the ones who ultimately choose our children's first spiritual path. When matters of faith come up around our children in a manner in which we don't approve, naturally it can be quite upsetting.  


This is just what happened to photoqueen240 mom when her 6-year-old kindergarten son came home talking about Mother Nature. Her story:

My husband and I are Christians, so we do NOT believe in Mother Nature. And we've taught our 3 kids this as well.

[My son] came home from school the other day talking about spring. Then he said "Mom, Mother Nature brings in spring." I told him that Mother Nature is not real and GOD brings in spring. He got upset. "NO Mom! Mrs. ****** says that MOTHER NATURE does." He was very agitated that I was defying his teacher and saying she was wrong.

The boy's teacher later explained to photoqueen that all religions need to be respected.

What a really tough situation for a mother to be in.

If your religion or faith contradicted something being taught at your child's school, what would you do?


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