When it comes to brushing their teeth, "good enough," isn't.

The following is a guest post from Listerine Kids:

The other day I told my 9-year-old to clean his room and he did it in no time flat. The problem was that it looked exactly the same as when he started. "It's good enough!" he said.  On the other hand, when I tell him it's time to shut off his video game he begs for more time, because he hasn't completely mastered the seventh level or Zornon, or something like that. Funny how that works, huh. They rush through the things they hate and have all the time in the world for other stuff.

To him "good enough" is fine for things like cleaning up after himself and homework or even brushing his teeth, so it's my job, as his mom, to teach him that good enough, really isn't. Especially when it comes to things like oral hygiene. Which is why I was so excited when I found out that Listerine®, which I've been using forever, has a product called Listerine® Smart Rinse™-which is an anticavity fluoride rinse made just for kids.


Listen to this-after he brushes his teeth he rinses with Listerine® Smart Rinse™. This stuff acts like a magnet, attracting all the food particles and germs (ew) that he's left behind. When he spits into the sink he can see how well, or not so well, he did at brushing.

Turns out that it creates the perfect challenge for my competitive kid to master. The less gunk there is left in the sink, it means the better job he did brushing his teeth. It doesn't hurt that it also helps prevent cavities and kills bad breath germs. I'm not telling him that though. The fact that it's mildly gross seems to be all the motivation he needs.

Most importantly not only do I know that he's doing a great job brushing his teeth, but he does too. I'm not saying that it will ever compete with the thrill of dominating the Cyborgs of Xenon, but now that Listerine® Smart Rinse™ made it fun, and kinda cool, to slow down and do a good job brushing his teeth, that's good enough for me.

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