Smoking and Sniffing Smarties: Who Knew?



photo by Smarties

What will they think of next?

In an attempt to get high, to look cool, or maybe both, some tweens and teens have taken up the habit of smoking or sniffing Smarties candy (tart, chalky candy discs wrapped in cellophane).

Some kids, believing that they get a "sugar high," have even posted how-to videos on youtube and myspace. Although the kids are not "smoking" in the classic sense (they're not lighting up), they crush it into a fine powder in its wrapper, draw it into their mouths and then blow it out in a cloud of dust which they inhale. "Sniffing" is just what you'd imagine, simply snorting the powder form of the candy up one's nose.

Fox News reports:

Health experts fear the behavior may lead to harmful conditions. Some kids have already shown signs of developing a “smoker’s cough.” Oren Friedman, a Mayo Clinic nose specialist, cautioned that frequent use could lead to infections or even worse, albeit rare, conditions, such as maggots inside the nose.


Unfortunately, this trend is rapidly spreading throughout the country.  The larger question is, for the kids who do this, is the next step the real thing? Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Thornton recently appread on CBS' Early Show  to discuss the health risks associated with this disturbing fad.

"If you look at the behaviors this is promoting, it's promoting this pre-smoking behavior. There's this whole ritual around how these kids do this, and it looks like smoking. So I'm concerned that the next step is smoking," Thornton said.

She added the the coughing effect is a result of  inhaling sugar into the lungs. "But the health risk of sugar is the least of their problems," she said.

I definitely remember candy cigarettes growing up. In retrospect, that was obviously bad idea for children. But now it seems drug culture has permeated American culture so thoroughly that kids make their own play vices.

Thoughts? Have you heard of smoking Smarties or any other candy?



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Lillette Lillette

it isnt just starting by any 23 and when i was 13ish my good friend tried sniffing a blue pixie stix.....did nothing for her execpt she sneezed blue for a while....but this is the same kinda situation as drinking a ton of surge and then thinking that fruit punch was the "antidote" for the dizziness that much caffiene can cause (its not by the way) isnt really that dangerous and trust me we only did it a few times cause it hurt alot.....

Case07 Case07

 yea ill be 31 and my husband will be 33 this yr and i snorted pixi sticks and ppl in his school snorted smarties. i agree with the above poster pixie stix only burned like hell. im sure smarties are the same thing. its juszt stupid thing i think all kids end up doing.. i really cant see it leading to anything major.

Celti... CelticFaerie

We all tried crazy stuff as kids. Now with the Internet stupid ideas spread rapidly. My son loves smarties always has. He doesn't smoke or snort them, he actually eats them! I guess I will have to buy them for him now,so people don't think he is some kind of addict.

May-20 May-20

I guess I don't get it. What's wrong with just eating Smarties?!?

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

I have NOT heard of that but it doesn't sound good,does it. My grandkids are 11 and haven't heard of it either. Fortunately, they are pretty smart and mature and think most of the dumb things a few kids in their class do are just plain stupid. LOL.

Ninja... Ninjabear

good grief... when i was in 5th grade all the "popular" kids were sniffing crushed up smarties, sweet tarts, pop rocks, etc. the teacher busted them and a police officer came to the school to talk about drugs. you would think after all these years people would have learned that sniffing candy doesn't do anything but make you look ridiculous lol.

Chrys... Chrystal_A

LOL the thought of snorting those sour pixi sticks (yes they were tart) hurts my nose!

loril... loriloriaustin

I'm 25 and the snorting pixie sticks was around when I was a kid too.  It just REALLLY hurt, LOL! Something you do on a dare.         Also was the myth if you swallowed a whole pack of poprocks and drank a can of coke your stomach would explode!!!!!   kids are weird

Amand... Amanda_Jeanne

I remember snorting Pop Rocks on a dare as a kid... the darn things crackled and popped in my nose and gave me a nosebleed and I never did it again! LOL dumb me...

It may seem like a "gateway" thing but it's better they're snorting candy instead of something a lot worse... I don't understand how snorting Smarties is so trendy though, but whatever floats their boat. Parents should just sit and talk with their kids and tell them it probably isn't the brigtest idea in the world.

paral... paralegal09

Perhaps the parents ought to explain the damage the kids are doing  to their respiratory system instead of just saying "kids will be kids".

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