Teens and Cell Phone Bills

cell phonePerhaps you can identify with this.

Mommabear2008 writes in the New Comers Club, "My SD just turned 11 at the beginning of the month, and her mom thought it would be a good idea to get her a cell phone for Christmas. It didn't bother us, she paid for it, she's buying the minutes so why would we care? Well now SD is acting like she's 'entitled' to unlimited text, unlimited Internet, a new iPhone all for 'only $175 a month'..."


I can certainly guess where this is going. I have a stepdaughter myself. She's 15 (gorgeous and sweet), and a cell phone diva. We'd promised her a phone for over a year, so last Christmas we made it happen. When we ordered the phone and told her, she was happy but there was something that seemed off. Come to find out, she wanted another model! It was Christmas, so we gave in--she ended up with a $200 phone! Yay, right? Almost.

By February, she wanted umlimited text, more minutes, Internet access and a bunch of other stuff. No go kiddo, is how it ultimately went. But, OMG, how sad is she? Too bad, hot stuff.

With her on our plan our bill is already another $40 per month!

How much is your teen's cell phone bill?

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