Do You Lie to Your Kids?

If you haven't ever, see me for your prize (har har)! I guess what I'm getting at is everyone has told some form of a lie to their kids at some point. Haven't we all? Maybe it was something as "innocent" as "Santa is coming to town," or as well-meaning as, "Of course I love this macaroni-embossed, over-sized snowflake. You are a brilliant artist!" It could even be something like what I told my kindergarten guy the other day when he caught me listening (and laughing hysterically) to some radio gossip about a dude who'd been busted cheating.


Moooom! What are you laughing at? What did they say about the dad?

Huh? What? Oh, they were just talking about dads who make funny jokes with their families.

I'm not sure why he bought that, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

There some great video talk going on at momversation right now on the same topic: Do You Lie to Your Kids?

Well, do you?

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