Teaching Your Child to Drive


My mother is a non-driver to this very day. My father, an over-protective worry wart, would probably rather if I, nor my grown sister, drove either. As teens, we knew better than to even think about subjecting ourselves to our daddy as a driving instructor. He would not have been able to take that!

But that was only our house, of course, no one else's.

I just read on Motherlode that dad is known as the better driving teacher.

"That gender-skewed conclusion was reached by the AAA driving school’s poll of 1,387 adults about which parent is the better driving teacher; while the sample was divided equally by gender, 52 percent said “dad” while only 24 percent said “mum.” The reason? Even though fathers are more likely to lose their tempers, mothers are thought more likely to panic," writes Lisa Belkin.

Maybe. But when it's time for my boys to learn, I'm going to be riding shot-gun.


Were you (or will you be) your kid's driving teacher? Explain below!

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RanaA... RanaAurora

As I feel my husband isn't the safest driver, I'm going to fight to teach my kiddo.  My husband doesn't slow down soon enough, rides too close, etc.  Unfortunately, I know he's going to want to teach my kiddo.  We'll have to take turns.  Won't THAT be fun... ugh.

I don't even want to think about my kiddo driving.  *shudder*

tomsm... tomsmom07

SO will do it cause he is a better driver then me.

mom-2... mom-2-4boys

My husband and I both have taught our sons to drive. Everyone drives differently so they have received a variety of tips on driving. They have even drove on their permits with their Aunt to have even more experience. The oldest is on his own, and our 2nd son is well on his way to becoming a new driver.family in the van

PestP... PestPatti


 I taught both my sons to drive.   I did joke while teaching my youngest that I needed a big straw to suck down the booze.  

qtmomof2 qtmomof2

Well my SD is 14 and can start driving at 16 (I believe). I'm the ONLY one with a license so it looks like I'm getting the job! Not sure if at that point we'll be able to afford lessons.

Momma... MommaTasha1003

I grew up around 4wheelers. so learning to drive was more about just being comfortable on the road... My mom did most of the "teaching"..  but dad had his small share in it too.. I think it would have been "funner" if he would have taught me, cause he enjoyed racing ;) and that was more my style.. Finding an empty road & using that Mustang for what its made for ;)

Reese66 Reese66

I have taught my 16yo to drive, since I am a single parent which limited her choices.  living out where we do, it makes sense to start early in drivers ed, between those who live on farms and run with rescue/fire squads, safe driving is a definte must!!.  my mom taught us to drive after we took drivers ed waaaaaaaaaaay back in the 80's, dad just supplied the car.  all i can say is take a deep breath and laugh, no yelling allowed unless you hang your head outside the window.  :)

lilpatti lilpatti

I am a single parent.  I taught my daughter how to drive and lived to tell about it.  The first time she drove, I thought she just might kill me.  My car was just not sounding right so I started looking around.  It was then that I noticed her right foot on the gas and her left foot on the brakes.  Both fully depressed.  Holy crap!!!  What is she doing?  i told her to take her foot of the brakes.  Which one is that mom?   WHAT???!!!!!  The left one!!  Guess what? I didn't tell her to not have the gas floored.  Yep, you guessed it, the car took off like a rocket.  Once she finally got the car stopped I got out and swore I would never drive with her again.  I was shaking so bad and laughing so hard.   That was 2 years ago and I am proud to say she is a very good driver now. 

aaibl5 aaibl5

We both teach him( and will the others)  DH is more patient.  I do fine but once in a while I get nervous.  WA law is he has to do drivers ed.  so we get that too. I am also amazed at how much a riding lawn mower taught him to drive a car!

Char2323 Char2323

We have 3 sons with our youngest now driving on his learners permit.  Typically I have been the teacher because my husband is a bit more type-A personality.  A helpful tip is to use those "Rookie-Driver' car magnets or new driver car signs.  They let other drivers know that there is an inexperienced new driver behind the wheel and helps you to avert some of that road rage so present today.  Other drivers giving your new teen driver a little extra space makes it less scaryfor your teen also.  They really helped us out during our teen's learning period.

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