Teaching Your Child to Drive

My mother is a non-driver to this very day. My father, an over-protective worry wart, would probably rather if I, nor my grown sister, drove either. As teens, we knew better than to even think about subjecting ourselves to our daddy as a driving instructor. He would not have been able to take that!


But that was only our house, of course, no one else's.

I just read on Motherlode that dad is known as the better driving teacher.

"That gender-skewed conclusion was reached by the AAA driving school’s poll of 1,387 adults about which parent is the better driving teacher; while the sample was divided equally by gender, 52 percent said “dad” while only 24 percent said “mum.” The reason? Even though fathers are more likely to lose their tempers, mothers are thought more likely to panic," writes Lisa Belkin.

Maybe. But when it's time for my boys to learn, I'm going to be riding shot-gun.


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