Let Him Quit or Force Him to Play?

log cabinHave you ever invested in something enriching or extra-curricular for your child--that he said he wanted to do--only to have him say mid-program that he wants to quit? When situations like this happen, it's a tough call to know when you should let a child quit something good for him, or force him to go on.


I really feel for nerak64 whose problem related to this matter is exacerbated by the fact that her 11-year-old son Dylan has ADHD. Last summer she found a wonderful camp for kids with ADHD, and although it was a 7 hour trip(!) she signed her son up for five days and along with her boyfriend, drove him to sleep-away camp. When he returned, to Nerak's surprise, the counselors said Dylan was perfectly behaved.

But Dylan said he didn't want to go back. When Nerak asked why, he said, "I just don't." Mom is convinced that her son really loved this new experience, however as a shy kid, had a bout of separation anxiety. He's quit things before, like baseball--which he did for three years and then suddenly no more. His psychiatrist has said his mother shouldn't always give him an option.

Is it really that simple? There are so many possible reasons that can go into a child deciding he's had enough of something. Still, it's got to be really frustrating for a parent who somehow finds the resources to keep their child in an activity, only for the kid to turn around and quit.

Should a mom ever force a child to do an activity he/she doesn't want to?

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