Gardasil: Questions Linger About Vaccine Connection to Death of 15-Year-Old

death, GardasilOn the day before 15-year-old Jenny Tetlock's death, on the blog her family kept about her valiant fight against an aggressive form of motor neuron disease they wrote, "two years ago, she was a normal, seemingly healthy girl. Today, she is a quadriplegic who cannot breathe on her own for more than a few seconds..."


Jenny, of course, was one of the real teens featured in the Gardasil "One less" campaign--she had the Gardasil vaccine against HPV herself.

Her family writes:
Jenny’s first symptoms occurred not long after she received the last of three HPV vaccinations (Gardasil). Her family hesitates to declare Gardasil the cause of her illness without scientific evidence, but some MDs at top hospitals see the connection as possible and even plausible.

In fact, there is no irrefutable proof that the Gardasil vaccination is the smoking gun here, yet through their worldwide search for "comparables" (other people who have experienced a disease with similar attributes)--the Tetlock family is determined to find out their child' s cause of death--and if possible prevent it from happening to other girls.

The official US repository for data about adverse reactions to vaccines is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. At present, the Tetlock family's concern is focused on the "inadequacies of the VAERS database." The Tetlock's report finding (on their own) two other verified US cases of ALS following the Gardasil vaccination--cases that the VAERS database allegedly did not have record of before the Tetlock's encouraged those families to come forth. The Tetlock's are asking the public to sign this VAERS petition.

The CafeMom community has deep feelings about Gardasil,  this case, and the issue of vaccines for children in general. (See several posts in The Newcomers Club, Choosing Not to Vaccinate, and Kid's Health.) Ultimately, this controversy surrounding Gardasil is not only one about a vaccine's merit (or lack of), but also parental views about abstinence and sex education.

We send condolences to the Tetlock family on their loss. We truly hope an answer is found in the mysterious case of what happened to Jenny Tetlock.

Where do you stand? Have you or would you give your daughter the Gardasil vaccine? Do you vaccinate your children in general?

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