Watching Kids Grow Up is Tough


photo by akme10607

A lifetime of love.

Do you remember the sweet Carter's baby clothes commercial from back in the day? "If they could just stay little 'til their Carter's wear out..."

That's what I thought of when I read ILoveMyBabies10 post about putting little "snips in the invisible umbilical cord." Her thoughts about noticing her 6-year-old son grow up left me a little teary. At first I figured I was just being overly emotional (as usual), but then I read further and noticed that a lot of other mothers were just as touched!


There seems to be a huge part of us that is deeply connected to the innocence and dependence of our young children. Watching their growth as they bloom into independence is at once beautiful--and yet somehow sad.

Here's ILoveMyBabies10 story:

My 6 year old son told me Monday that he wants to start walking himself to class like the bigger kids. He said, "but I still love you mommy." It killed me, but I knew I had to let him, it's part of his growing Ive been dropping him off in front of the school and he walks himself.

Then today he wakes up, and he tells me his tooth is loose, I checked it and sure enough it's wiggling a little, and so is the one next to it. I started crying, and he said "MOMMY, WHAT'S WRONG!"  I hugged him and said you're growing up on me!

Is it me, or does this make you think about how fast children grow up? Here's to cherishing every stage of our children's development!

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