St. Patrick's Day? No, St. "Baldrick's" Day! A Way to Fight Childhood Cancers

St Partick's Day

It's St. Patrick's Day, but for some kind-hearted people it's also St. Baldrick's Day.  A play on "St. Patrick" and "bald," St. Baldrick's Day was founded nearly ten years ago by three guys who simply wanted to give back to society. What they ended up doing was turning a St. Patrick's Day office party into a benefit for kids with cancer. But they were at a loss for a way to really convince their colleagues to pay attention and open their wallets.


One guy suggested shaving another one's head since kids typically lose their hair during cancer treatment. "I will if you will,"  he said, and St. Baldrick's was born.Today CNN reports that, "the nonprofit organization has raised $51 million worldwide for cancer research. It holds shave-a-thons, where volunteers --as in a walk-a-thon -- collect pledges, in this case for getting their heads shaved."

Kathleen Ruddy, executive director of the St. Baldrick's Foundation, based in Pasadena, California, acknowledges that shaving heads is an unconventional fund-raising scheme, but she said it works.

When I saw this story about people working to save the lives of children with cancer, it really touched me. I recently had the scare of my life when my 5-year-old son had to see a hematologist because of a blood platelet count that was off the charts. While we were waiting for some answers, I simply wouldn't let myself say the word leukemia, but I secretly thought "what if?" I was terrified.

I'm thrilled to say that my baby is fine, but I will never forget the anguish I felt those weeks. I can barely stand the thought of what mothers whose children have cancer suffer through. Of course, there is no cure for cancer without research. St. Baldrick's, on behalf of sick children, is hoping to raise $20 million this year through head-shaving events around the world. Now that's a way to celebrate the luck of the Irish!

Click here to find out how to get involved or call (888) 899-BALD.

Have you ever donated time or money to a children's cause?

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