The Best Bloggers Ever

No, really. Of the gazillion bloggers floating out there in the matrix, these have got to be some of the best. Why, you ask? Because while blogging about any and everything (mommy stuff, science, music, etc.), the bloggers who've signed up with are raising very big bucks (Can you say $24 million?!) for teachers and kids in all 50 states (I.4 million students). The organization has actually made school fundraising cool and clever--minus the red tape--and they've made it easy for moms like us to join in and do our part too.


The deal is this: teachers register with and upload "projects" they want sponsored (anything from magic markers to high-tech digital media equipment), goes out and gets the stuff using the cash the bloggers raise. We love one mommy blogger group working hard for in particular--Silicon Valley Moms (our Entertainment Buzz blogger is a member!).

If you are a blogger yourself, this is beyond fun--you can introduce your ideas to a whole new audience and raise donations in the way you choose (but bring your A-game, there's stiff competition!); if you're not a blogger, but perhaps a mom who still wants to help out a public school in her neighborhood or elsewhere, that's great too--you can hand pick a project to sponsor or make a general donation (it's tax deductible). Here's an entry from one of last year's top winners, hilarious tomatonation. Now you get it? Great. You always said you wanted to make a difference--well, move it, Mama! This awesome fundraiser only runs through the end of October.

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