Mom Doesn't "Buy" Giving an Allowance: Do You?

recession guidecash, allowanceEvery mother wants their kid to have a strong sense of responsibility, but we sometimes differ on the method for teaching such a thing. When it comes to allowance--or paying children to help around the house, some moms are all for it, but others, like lolamac, are totally against it.


In response to no-drama-momma's question about what age allowance should begin and for what kind of chores, lolamac says, "No allowance in my home period, not now, not ever. I will not pay my children for what they should do. I do not dirty the house or the dishes or the laundry by myself, nor will I clean the house, dishes or laundry by myself. I do not 'live' in their rooms, I will not clean their rooms. We all as a family pitch in and clean the house...why? Because we all live here and we all take part in making it a mess, so we will all take part in cleaning together. Besides, I don't get paid to do it."

But as stern as this mom sounds, she also makes exceptions. "Now that being said," lolamac further explains, "if they go above and beyond to say, mow the lawn and weed whack without being asked, or wash the car, and their grades are where they should be--and they want some money for the movies or a toy, then sure. When they get money for a holiday or birthday, they are allowed to  spend half however they must put the other half in their savings account."

Even though I personally think the concept of earning and saving can really be learned by way of getting an allowance, I also think lolamac's philosophy is a very good one. For one, the recession is really challenging us moms to rethink everything related to money. But aside from that, holding children accountable for their "share" of the housework, without necessarily offering an incentive, is ironically what the allowance concept is ultimately about anyway--responsibility.

Do you pay your child an allowance? Does it help to make them more responsible?

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