Do You "Let" Your Child Win?

winning, race

Every afternoon when I take my 5-year-old with me to pick up my  younger one from day care, he wants to race me from the car to the center's front door. Usually, if I don't have on heels, I indulge him. When we get to the door, with me on his heels, I pretend to huff and puff and admit to yet another loss.


But one day this week, I said to myself I'm not going to let him win today. Well! You've never seen anything like this. He went from happy-go-lucky to total misery in seconds. He explained through desperate tears how I had somehow cheated, and not only that, didn't touch the wall (the rule he just made up) and therefore lost. My kid's clearly a sore loser--inspired!

That day was my turning point. My son is getting old enough now to really wrap his mind around the concept of losing, being a good sport and playing for fun--not just to win. I'm not going to make every win so easy for him any more. And he can forget about Monopoly!

Do you let your child win at everything?

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