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For moms desperately trying to figure out where college cash will come from, the reality of this recession couldn't come at a worse time. I don't really do many endorsements here--and I have no personal experience with the school that I'm about to share...but they sure offer a situation that sounds sweet.

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Georgia-based Berry College is a private liberal arts school that guarantees every student the opportunity to work on campus all four years!  Guarantees!

"Work with animals, work with students, work a camera as a broadcast production assistant, be a writer, tutor, research assistant, tour guide, computer technician or athletic trainer.…more than 300 types of professional jobs are available. Students can earn increased pay and responsibilities as they progress through the program," their program says.

Working while enrolled in school is becoming a reality for more and more college students--it often makes the difference between coming up with tuition or not. If your child is a junior sending out applications to schools, perhaps Berry is worth looking into.

Is your child looking for money for college? What scholarships and loans have they applied for?

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Aisli... AislinnAsparas

Interesting...there are now several states that are implementing "public school" programs that provide financial assistance based on a students length of stay/attendance in the public school system.  Michigan, I believe, is one of those states.  If your child goes through the public school system, you will receive a reduction in tuition to attend state's scaled based on number of years in the PS system. I think that is a pretty incredible incentive and I've read that other states are considering this as an option as well...have you heard about this?

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

No, I haven't, but I'll definitely look into it. Thanks.

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